About us

Tyrescanner is an independent tyre price comparison website, focused on providing intelligence to support better decision-making. At our heart is the UK’s largest vehicle tyre database.

We collect and collate a wealth of tyre information from local garages and national companies such as National Tyres, Halfords, Kwikfit and BlackCircles. Using our expertise and insight we analyse this data and make it comparable.

We are independent from all retailers; we have a simple aim to provide you with the necessary information to make an informed decision.

Compare Price, Fuel Efficiency, Wet Grip and Noise Level

By compiling this information, it allows you the customer instant access to the tyre specifications and price suitable for your vehicle and budget. By using this website there is no need to waste time phoning around comparing prices, we have done that for you.

We are a relatively new site and already there has been a lot of interest and the feedback has been positive. However there is always room for improvement and we would welcome any suggestions as to how we could make this a better site for you the customer. Please send your suggestions to us at info@tyrescanner.net

Always make it to the end of your journey, by making sure that your tyres are safe

Best wishes,
Tyrescanner team