Return Policy

You have the right to return the goods within 14 days of receipt. You are, however responsible for paying for the return shipping costs. This varies depending on when the return is made and the number of items being returned.

The returning period begins on the day the goods are delivered to you - this is day 1. The following table lists in detail, the return shipping costs in relation to;

  1. The number of items (up to 4)
  2. The day the goods are returned
  3. Other prices apply for oversized tyres

Please do not send the goods to our headquarters in Dorset. We do not have the facilities there to accept the goods.

If you wish to return goods, please contact us at:

The customer service centre will ask you your reason for returning the goods (e.g. is there a problem with the tyre such as excessive radial run-out?) After asking you for some information to help speed the whole process up, we will arrange to have the goods picked up from your address.

Please use the original packaging that the goods arrived in to protect against any damage that could occur whilst in transit. Tyres should be packed properly together in packs of two. The front and back of rims and complete wheel sets should be wrapped with enough cardboard to protect them and then taped.

We reserve the right to make a claim for compensation where damage in return transit is caused by careless packing or inadequate packaging. The logistics company will only accept goods that have been packed with adequate packaging.

No of Items Up to 14 days
1 £25
2 £25
3 £50
4 £50